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Lola Lee Acrylic Powders have been formulated to create a long lasting and bubble-proof set of nails. All our Acrylic Powders Colours are 10 Free and are not tested on animals.

We have 15 shades of Acrylic Powders:


Soft White


Sheer Pink

Cotton Candy

Cover Peach

Cover Mocha

Soft Nude


Cover Nude

Cover Creme

Cover Rose

Cover Pink

Cover Rouge

Soft Blush

Benefits Include:

Easily Manipulated

Minimal Dust

Chip Proof

Long-Lasting (2-3 Weeks)

Self Levelling

Application Process:

Please visit the Lola Lee Training Page for more information. Be sure to follow Lola Lee’s Hygiene Recommendations before starting any application process.

Product Information:

100g Tub
Net Weight: 0,1 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 7 * 7 * 4 CM

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