Sani Liquid 1L

Sani Liquid 1L


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Nail Cleanse and Sanitiser

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Lola Lee Nail Sani Liquid is a 70% alcohol-based liquid.

Benefits Include:

Reduces 99.9% Of Germs

Can Be Decanted Into Smaller Bottles

Acts Quickly To Kill Microorganisms On Hands

Can Be Used When There Is No Facility To Wash Your Hands

Application Process:

Be sure to follow Lola Lee’s Hygiene Recommendations before starting any application process.

Nail Tools
All your tools and implements should be sprayed with Lola Lee Sani Liquid before and after every client.
It is best to apply Lola Lee Cuticle Oil every night.

Before physically touching your client’s hand or feet, ask them to wash their hands and then spritz over your own hands as well as their hands or feet with the Lola Lee Sani Liquid.

Before and after each client, wipe the surface of your table and any other surface the client may have touched.

Additional Information:

Did you know?
Ensuring proper sanitization of your salon to stay hygienic not only looks more appealing but builds trust with your clients as a salon that pays attention to detail.
Reapply as often as you need to.

Product Information:

1 Litre Bottle

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