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Hygiene Tips

Washing with warm water and soap frequently remains the gold standard for hand hygiene and preventing the spread of infectious viruses.

Washing with warm water (not cold water) and soap removes oils from your hands that can harbour microbes.

Hand sanitisers can also protect against disease-causing microbes, especially in situations when soap and water aren’t available. They’re also proven to be effective in reducing the number and type of microbes.

Encourage your clients to wash their hands or sanitise when they enter your salon and once their treatment is completed and they leave the salon.

Every nail tech should be wearing gloves and a mask to protect both yourself and your client.

Every nail tech should be washing their hands and sanitising before and after every client.

Sanitise your work station and all your tools and products after every client with Lola Lee Sani Liquid.

Sanitise your salons with Lola Lee Sani Liquid – any surface that has come in contact with staff or clients.

Use a new Lola Lee nail file on every client.

Ensure that all your Lola Lee Gel Polish or Nail Polish bottles are cleaned before and after use with Lola Lee Sani Liquid, removing any product residue and ensuring the products look clean.


Lola Lee has issued the above as suggestions or guidelines and should be deemed as such.


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