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Lola Lee Beauty is officially recognised by Beauty without Cruelty (BWC). This means that Lola Lee products are Cruelty-Free (not tested on animals) and are 100% Vegan. Click here to view our certificate.


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Have you ever wondered if there are any toxic chemical ingredients in the beauty products that you use? We, at Lola Lee, care about what goes into our products. In the beauty industry, there are 3 different ratings: 5 Free, 7 Free and 10 Free, with 10 Free being considered the purest of all ‘free’ Gel and Nail Polishes. Lola Lee has developed a range of hardwearing and long-lasting Gel and Nail Polishes that are 10 Free, meaning that they are free from the following chemicals and ingredients:


Formaldehyde is used to harden and strengthen Gel and Nail Polishes, also serving as a preservative that protects against bacterial growth. Formaldehyde is naturally produced by the body in incredibly small amounts—similar to the concentration found in some vaccines. At this low level, formaldehyde is not dangerous. However, exposure to larger doses of formaldehyde in the air or on the skin may cause cancer of the throat, nose, and blood. Nail salon workers and their children are especially at risk for chronic health problems caused by formaldehyde, including asthma, convulsions, nausea, and miscarriages. Repeated exposure can cause a build-up of fluid in the lungs and cause abnormal fetal development in pregnant women. The European Union allows only limited use of formaldehyde in personal care products, while Japan and Sweden have banned it completely.

Toluene is the Gel and Nail Polish ingredient used to create a smooth application and finish. It has a sweet, pungent smell and is also found in most conventional removal liquids. However, its fumes are highly toxic; studies have shown that exposure to toluene can cause neurological damage, decreased brain function, impaired breathing, hearing loss and nausea. When inhaled too frequently by pregnant women, it may result in impaired fetal development. Animal studies have also shown that toluene is linked to reproductive impairment, immune system toxicity and blood cancers like malignant lymphoma. The European Union has restricted the use of toluene in personal care products, including Gel and Nail Polish, and advises that pregnant women and children should not be exposed to its fumes. In California, toluene is on the state’s Prop 65 list of chemicals that are harmful to fetal development.

DBP (dibutyl phthalate) a member of the phthalate family of chemicals, is used in Gel and Nail Polish to minimize chipping. Phthalates are classified as endocrine disruptors and mimic the hormone estrogen in your body. They are proven to impair the hormonal development of male fetuses, cause organ damage and may even instigate early-onset menopause. Though no human studies have been done on DBP, animal studies show similar results to human phthalate studies, including decreased fertility, hormonal disruption, bioaccumulation and liver damage. The European Union banned DBP in cosmetic and personal care products, and the Australian government currently classifies DBP as a risk to the human reproductive system. In the United States, California classifies it as a reproductive and hormonal toxicant, but the federal government does not.

Camphor is the ingredient used to give conventional Gel and Nail Polishes their glossy, shiny appearance. It is less toxic than the first three ingredients listed above, and is sometimes used in cold remedies such as vapor rubs and nasal sprays. However, the safety of camphor has recently been called into question. It has been shown to trigger severe skin irritation and allergic reactions when applied topically, and inhaling its fumes can cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches. Observational studies have also linked camphor exposure to organ damage, such as liver dysfunction. Camphor in personal care products is limited to a concentration of 11% in the US, and it is being phased out in markets within the European Union.

Formaldehyde Resin is a by-product of formaldehyde that makes its way into many Gel and Nail Polish formulas that include formaldehyde. It has been the subject of fewer human tests than the other four chemicals. However, preliminary studies show that can cause severe skin irritation and allergic reactions, skin depigmentation and loss of nerve sensation.

Ethyl Tosylamide is a plasticizer and film former that helps Gel and Nail Polish dry in minutes. It is also known for preventing Gel and Nail Polish from chipping and wearing off too quickly. That all sounds great to us! Unfortunately, this chemical has been banned in the continent of Europe due to concerns over antibiotic resistance.

Xylene is found in lacquers and Gel and Nail Polish, is also listed as Xytol or Dimethylbenzene and it’s used as a solvent. This powerful chemical is known for being colorless and has been used in products such as paint, Gel and Nail Polish, rubber cement, and gasoline! This chemical damages the central nervous system and cause headaches, skin, eye, nose, and throat irritations, memory problems, gastrointestinal discomfort, and can potentially affect the kidney and liver. Knowing what you know now, please keep a look out for this ingredient and steer clear.

Fragrance or Perfumes are used in Gel Polishes to nullify stringent and pungent smells of other ingredients. These are a mixture of various scented chemicals that give the Gel Polish a pleasant smell. However, some of these are not safe to use. They have found to be associated with skin conditions such as over dryness, brittle nails, dermatitis, allergies, and respiratory distress.

Parabens are preservatives in Gel Polishes and other cosmetics. Many problems are associated with this preservative. It can cause allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, skin inflammation, rashes, blisters and skin burning sensations. It can also lead to pre-mature ageing, infertility and breast cancer in women. In addition, it can cause developmental dysfunction in fetuses.

Animal Products: Gel and Nail Polish colours with attractive sounding names such as Red Caviar, Mulberry Wine, and Cherry Red with a luminous shiny appearance, sound enticing right? Sadly, many to them contains animal products like Guanine, Carmine and Oleic Acid, which are made from fish scales, crushed beetles and animal fats. Using such products can cause internal health problems. Thankfully our Lola Lee Gel and Nail Polish range offers a “Cruelty-Free and Vegan- Friendly” formula.

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